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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

Carpet Cleaning Services in Seattle WA

PURECLEAN™ Professional Carpet Cleaning in Seattle

When your child throws his plate of spaghetti from the highchair. Noodles start sliding down the walls and bright red sauce is splattered all over the carpet. 

His juice tumbles, splashes, and the carpet immediately soak it all in.

You instantly start Googling, “How To Get Spaghetti Sauce Stains Out Of Carpet?”
This isn’t your first rodeo with cleaning stains out of your carpet. Junior is a bit of a handful, isn’t he? 

Remember a couple of months back when he insisted on wearing his muddy rain boots 24/7?

Those little mud-caked boots and tiny legs running all throughout the house, followed by a beautiful brown trail.

Or last summer when Junior left not one, but five, popsicles to melt on the carpet, giving the place a nice Fourth of July feel with the red, blue, purple, orange and green sugary liquid. 

Each and every time these incidents have occurred, you have Googled the remedy to cleaning up your messy carpet

Others might make the ingenious move to call a professional carpet cleaning company

The question is– are professional carpet cleaners even worth it? 

Won’t the company just pour some really smelly chemicals onto your carpet, let them sit there for a bit, suck some of it up, and then be on their way?

Or won’t they advertise $25 a room only to show up and charge you $0.25 an sqft for pre-treating, a per stain charge for removal and a charge even to use their truck-mounted system?!

Or won’t they force you into adding in every additional service they offer and next thing you know, your bill is almost as much as your house payment?!

Those can be common misconceptions about professional carpet cleaning, but they aren’t necessarily all true

A professional carpet cleaning at least once a year is a great way to keep your carpets in shape and is most definitely, absolutely worth it.

It all depends on which professional carpet cleaner you trust with your precious carpets.

Professionals Know Their Facts

One of the biggest reasons that professional carpet cleanings are worth it is because they are actual professionals who are cleaning your carpets. 

At PURECLEAN™ our healthy home technicians have to pass a 52-week training program, with ongoing training on chemistry, customer service, proper equipment usage, and more.

They are well versed in everything PURECLEAN™ and carpet cleaning before they go out on the job. 

They know the best ways to treat specific stains and they know how to treat a pet odor stain versus a mud stain. Yes, there’s a difference my friend.

We also have the correct tools and the tools are the key to a solid carpet cleaning job! Our technicians are equipped with Green Seal Certified products and Deionized Water.

I realize you aren’t going to be drinking the water we use, but your family and pets will be lying on the carpets we clean.

That’s why we refuse to use hose or ‘tap’ water which can leave behind residue and sediments. We are the only company in Seattle using Deionized water, which leaves your carpets cleaner, softer, and plusher. That’s a promise!

We are Truly Green Unfortunately, I have seen many companies who claim to be ‘all-natural’ use of harsh chemicals and detergents to clean with. 

It’s a little frightening to think children and pets could be playing on dangerous chemicals left behind from chemical cleaning agents.

That’s why we only use Green Seal Certified products – without compromise. Not only will we give you the cleanest carpets possible, but your floors will also be healthier and safer.  I Promise.

Our tools, products and Deionized Water get the job done right the first time.

Google isn’t needed anymore once you have PURECLEAN™ to take care of your stains and messes.

Professional Cleaning Saves You Time

When you get a professional carpet cleaning, you save yourself time. 

Five Google searches, a text to your mom, and a trip to the store later, you still have to actually clean the carpet. 

After you’ve scrubbed and scrubbed. And then scrubbed and scrubbed some more. The stains are still there! 

So much for trying to fix the issue quickly and cheaply. 

With PURECLEAN™ carpet cleaning, you save time! And time is perhaps the most valuable resource we have in this life right?

Did we get too deep there…?

Anyways, you no longer have to spend hours trying to find a solution to that annoying popsicle stain from last summer that haunts you every morning, afternoon, and night when you walk past it. 

Your PURECLEAN™ Seattle technician will call you in advance and let you know they are on their way. 

Then, they will complete their job, quickly and efficiently. 

While they are cleaning, you can read a book, watch a part of a show, or scrub the crayon marks from the wall when Junior thought he was Leonardo last week. 

With a professional carpet cleaning from PURECLEAN™, you don’t have to spend time trying to get the stain out.  

We will come, clean your carpets, and then the stain will be gone for good!

Stay Healthy With A Professional Carpet Cleaning

One of the biggest reasons that prove professional carpet cleaning to be worth it, is the health benefits that you get from it. 

Biological Contaminants

Biological contaminants include bacteria, molds, mildew, viruses, animal dander, and cat saliva, house dust mites, cockroaches, and pollen.


Pollens originate from plants; viruses are transmitted by people and animals; bacteria are carried by people, animals, and soil and plant debris; and household pets are sources of saliva and animal dander.

Rat Urine and Other Yucky Stuff

The protein in the urine and feces from rats and mice is a potent allergen.

When it dries, it can become airborne and drawn into the lungs. These contaminants can also land on your food, where you ultimately eat them!

If you have problems with rodents in your home, we suggest calling a qualified pest control company.

Contaminated central air handling systems can become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and other sources of biological contaminants and can then distribute these contaminants through the home.

This fact makes it essential to have your ductwork professionally cleaned and treated with a germicide at least once every 2-3 years.

Home allergy treatments will help to drastically reduce the number of allergens within your home.

Carpets can get real gruesome… 

Controlled Conditions

By controlling the relative humidity level in a home, the growth of some sources of biologicals can be minimized.

Relative humidity of 30-50 percent is generally recommended for homes. Standing water, water-damaged materials, or wet surfaces also serve as a breeding ground for molds, mildews, bacteria, and insects.

House dust mites, the source of one of the most powerful biological allergens, grow in damp, warm environments.

Some biological contaminants trigger allergic reactions, including hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic rhinitis, and some types of asthma.

nfectious illnesses, such as influenza, measles, and chickenpox are transmitted through the air.

Molds and mildews also release disease-causing toxins.


Symptoms of health problems caused by biological pollutants include sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, shortness of breath, dizziness, lethargy, fever, and digestive problems.

Allergic reactions occur only after repeated exposure to a specific biological allergen. However, that reaction may occur immediately upon re-exposure or after multiple exposures over time.

As a result, people who have noticed only mild allergic reactions, or no reactions at all, may suddenly find themselves very sensitive to particular allergens.

Some diseases are associated with exposure to toxins from microorganisms that can grow in building ventilation systems.

These diseases can also be traced to microorganisms that grow in home heating and cooling systems and humidifiers.

“Children, elderly people, and people with breathing problems, allergies, and lung diseases are particularly susceptible to disease-causing biological agents in the indoor air.”

No matter how much you vacuum, there will still be hair, dirt, dead skin cells, crumbs, and everything else that carpets collect.

By having your carpets cleaned by a professional, you will be able to get those grimy little things pulled out of your carpet that a regular vacuum isn’t able to get out. 

 PURECLEAN™ uses Green Seal Certified products and Deionized Water which is able to pull out all of the dirt that has been buried deep in the fibers of your carpet. 

It brings it all to the surface and then it is sucked away. No more hidden nasties buried at the bottom of your carpet.

The dust and dander will be gone and so will your sneezing and stuffy nose. 

At PURECLEAN™, we don’t use any harsh chemicals or soaps that will linger in your carpets. 

This means your carpet will be clean and won’t have loads of chemicals running through it, making it the texture of a stale potato chip.

This will keep you and little Junior happy and healthy. 

Professional carpet cleaning is a must. You just continue to chase your little mini-me around while the professionals take care of spills and stains that he creates.

Don’t Just Trust Any Carpet Cleaning Company

When choosing a carpet cleaning company, be sure to choose a company that will provide you with excellent service and an excellent price! 

PURECLEAN™ does both of those things. 

We make sure that we do the job right the first time. You can count on us with your carpet cleaning needs. 

No more searching Google for carpet cleaning tricks. 

Next time, just Google PURECLEAN™

We will get the job done leaving you with a cleaner home.

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