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The Dirty Secret of Carpet Cleaning

The Truth About Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having clean carpets in your home can do a lot to brighten and warm the atmosphere and make your home feel more comfortable. As time goes on, however, carpets can start to accumulate a thin layer of dust and grime. Various spots and stains can also start to appear.

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To restore carpets to their original cleanliness, many Seattle & Bellevue homeowners invest in regular carpet cleaning from a professional carpet & rug cleaning company. While these services temporarily restore carpets to their bright, clean appearance, many of these companies have a dirty little secret.

Shedding Light On a Dirty Carpet Cleaning Secret

Traditional methods of Seattle carpet cleaning have incorporated the use of chemical detergents in their cleaning routines. These detergents work by attracting the dirt, particles, and minerals in the carpet, and then the detergent and debris is rinsed out together in the rinse cycle performed by the carpet cleaners.

What carpet cleaning companies won’t tell you is that the detergents they use actually leave behind a mild residue that continues to attract dirt. This means that your carpets will get dirty faster as a result of the carpet cleaning. Many Seattle & Snohomish families complain that their carpets are back to looking dirty and dull just weeks after having been cleaned by professionals — and that’s why!

This simple secret about the cleaning process actually helps cleaning companies to guarantee that customers will need future carpet & rug cleaning services.  As the dust and dirt quickly start to reaccumulate, families are more likely to get in touch with their carpet cleaners and schedule another appointment.

Why Are We Telling You This?

The reason we are letting you in on this dirty industry secret is because there is another carpet cleaning product available today that has revolutionized carpet cleaning. Not only is this product free of all harmful chemicals, but it cleans Seattle & Bellevue carpets more thoroughly than any detergent on the market and leaves no trace of residue on the carpet.

What is this incredible new product? It’s called UltraPure and it’s what we use here at Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning.

Deionized water is the purest form water can take. While regular city water has a contaminant level between 7 and 13, deionized water measures at 0 contaminants, which is the purest water you can get. The reason we use UltraPure to clean carpets is because deionized water attracts minerals and dust particles the same way that detergents do. The benefit to using deionized water is that it leaves no residue and uses no harmful chemicals.

What Makes Us Different

Our teams here at Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning use UltraPure to create a detergent-free cleaning technology. This technology utilizes powerful cleaning trucks that provide twice as much heat and nearly five times more suction that standard carpet cleaning technologies. Our deionized cleaning solution cleans more thoroughly than other industry products and leaves your carpets cleaner longer!

Don’t get ripped off by our industry’s dirty little secret. Contact us today to learn more about us as a professional carpet cleaning company in Seattle and how we provide a more reliable and long-lasting service to families and businesses!

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