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How To: Remove A Wine Spill…

Wine…We Love It, But Our Carpets, Not So Much.

It always starts out great, whether you are in for a night binge watching your favorite Netflix show or you have a few friends over to watch the SeaHawks game. Few glasses of wine in, you get really happy, warm & talkative (we all start to talk with our hands way more then we would without those delicious glasses of wine LOL) & then it happens….WINE GLASS DOWN! Great….You watched it happen in slow motion, there was nothing you could do, your reaction did not happen when you wanted it too & now your carpets look like it played part in a small murder scene.

Whaat are youu going to dooo!?

WineSpilling--Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Here Are Some DiY Steps To Clean It Immediately After It Happens:


WineBlotWhiteTowel--Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning Seattle


1.)  Blot The Spill With A White Terry Cloth




3% HydrogenPeroxide--Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning Seattle


2.)  Apply 3% Hydrogen Peroxide To The Red Wine Spill





WineBlotWhiteTowel--Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning Seattle


3.) Blot The Spill Again




RepeatSignBlue--Pure Clean Carpet Cleaning Seattle


4.) Re-Apply As Necessary Until Stain Is Gone




These Are Just A Few Things To Do To Help Prevent Staining. If You Have Any Questions Or You Can Not Get All The Wine Out Of Your Carpet, Feel Free To Give Us A Call & We Can Get It All Taken Care Of For You!  

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