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PureClean offers upholstery cleaning for your favorite home furniture! Our methods are not only the most effective, but they are also safe, leaving you with peace of mind. We can clean the toughest stains, even if they’ve been dry for years. Learn how our upholstery cleaning service can help you today!

Our team of experts have the knowledge to clean any time of furniture or fabric. Our tools are designed to not only clean your upholstery, but to protect it from dirt and spills for longer! PureClean is a trusted cleaning service by Seattle area residents for upholstery cleaning.

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When it comes to cleaning upholstery in Kirkland, Bellevue or Redmond you have to select an upholstery cleaning company that is trained in the proper cleaning methods for a variety of fabrics.

Their cleaning services should always clean safely, thoroughly, and without compromising the materials. Most upholstery we come across today is a blend or micro-fiber which tends to develop water ring stains and attracts oil to it.

One thing that we do at our Seattle-based company is routine training classes for our upholstery cleaning team. During these sessions, we review the different scenarios (fabrics, age of the item, base material of wood, metal, etc) that we might come across when working with our Seattle area clients. These classes provide consistent, ongoing training on the best market methods so that our team is always able to get the best results for our clients.

Our actual upholstery cleaning process is determined by the type of fabric we are cleaning. Most fabrics can be thoroughly pre-conditioned, spot treated, rinsed with our hot purified water and dried. However, cotton fabrics, leather, silk and other more sensitive fibers require a more gentle process that is all done by hand.


An average 7 ft sofa will cost you $189 (for exclusions &/or stipulations please call our office) to be professionally cleaned by our company. You can find pricing as low as $59 for the same couch-but in our experience – we wind up cleaning up after the cheaper guys. Why?

When you clean a fabric with the wrong cleaners or detergents, low heat, chemicals, etc – you can actually wind up leaving a lot of residue in the upholstery. In this case, cleaning it actually causes more harm than good. In fact, this sticky residue actually attracts more soil, bacteria, and dust to it, making your upholstery dirtier than ever. Sometimes all this excess dirt will even change the color of the sofa!

So when you go to select an upholstery cleaning company in the Seattle, Bellevue or Redmond areas, make sure you ask the right questions and select the company based on their experience and quality – not the price they charge.

Upholstery Cleaning Service

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