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Local Expert Provides Solutions To Growing CoronaVirus-

Carpet Cleaning

“Your Home Or Business May Be At Risk & Here Is What You Need To Know” 

Benjamin Surdi, Owner of PureClean™ a Snohomish carpet cleaning company & PureDry Restoration™ a successful water damage restoration company also based on Snohomish, WA has been getting hundreds of phone calls, emails and text messages with clients wondering what they can do to help keep their families safe. Surdi says, “The truth is, as a disease control expert and being the hired specialist for handling norovirus, and other infectious diseases over the years – I have a wealth of knowledge and solutions for this type of issue. And there are simple solutions to keep their homes safe, sanitized, and healthy.”

Below we’ve broken down the important things to consider when creating the healthiest home and/or business environment. So whether you are trying to keep your kids safe, or you are trying to keep your employees or building occupants safe – read these things and let me know if you have any questions.

3 Main Areas Of Focus

1. Soft Surfaces– (Carpets, upholstery, entry rugs, area rugs, etc). We know that bacteria and viruses are often being brought into the home by shoes, germs on your skin from lack of washing, and clothing thats come in contact with other contaminated solutions. Once you walk in and expose your carpeting and other soft surfaces – they must be cleaned and sanitized properly utilizing proper tools, products, techniques and equipment. PureClean’s carpet cleaning system, being the most powerful in country are designed to use high heat, and suction with expert solutions and techniques to sanitize and remove these bacterias, viruses and germs. It is recommended that when getting home from outside the home activities, that you take your clothes off and put them in the wash before sitting on furniture etc.

2. Touch Points– These are areas such as door knobs, refrigerator handles, walls, countertops, toilet handles, light switches etc- these areas when tested with bacteria meters are often showing very high levels of bacteria. Washing your hands regularly and keeping hand sanitizer is important to prevent bringing outside viruses & bacteria into your home.

3. Airborne- The other concern is that these viruses and harmful bacterias are airborne and and must be filtered and eliminated from the air to ensure the healthiest environment possible. Ben recommends a technology to be installed in the home such as the HealthWay Cleanstation – A class 2 medical device designed to eliminate germs, bacteria & viruses from the air. Please call PureClean to inquire on availability of these units at 206-353-4155.

Things that are living in your carpet may be a risk to your health

What You Can Do To Protect & Ensure The Healthiest Home And/Or Business:

In response to the ongoing coronavirus risks we have developed cleaning solutions to target this problem to keep your family safe- The first solution targets soft surfaces and we call it, the Healthy Home Package. With this cleaning package we will follow a very strict and detailed cleaning protocol to your home, that involves a sanitizing 12-Step process focused on your flooring but can also be performed on your upholstery, rugs, and hard surfaces. The normal rate for this service is $135 per room but we are offering this for the next 36 hours for a 20% Off.

Not only do we clean and sanitize your carpets but we are also going to be setting up an Air Filtration Device to completely purify the air in your home to remove airborne threats, such as allergens, bacteria and spores. 

For touch points, a proper cleaning and disinfection process is used using our proprietary PureOdorSystems technology. The cleaning and disinfecting is accomplished using a powerful yet completely safe combination of hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide (100 times safer than bleach) – but that’s not the big game changing solution – the bigger solution is that we apply an EPA registered and certified surface coating. This surface coating is applied by an electrostatic spraying system to apply to all surfaces in the home. It provides a bacteria/virus barrier that lasts for 30 days. After 30 days, the cleaning/disinfection and reapplication of bacteria barrier is applied. This creates an environment that cannot support viruses or bacteria in your home.  This process is .40 cents per SF and is based on the square footage of the home we are treating. (this service, as well as our healthy home cleaning package is in VERY high demand right now as you could imagine – we want to be able to help as many families as possible but you must take action if you want to be protected. 

If you want to protect your home & keep your family safe – you won’t want to delay –

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