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Ridding Your Home of Pet Odor

It’s been a long and absolutely beautiful summer here in the Seattle & Bellevue and with that heat also brings some unpleasant odors. This summer we had a lot of heat and higher humidity which can exaggerate unpleasant pet odor in your home reducing the quality of your indoor air. So, why is it worse in the summer?

  • Even the best behaved cats and dogs are susceptible to an accident from time to time and the special chemistry in their urine is activated by heat & humidity resulting in odors that are more noticeable and unpleasant.
  • In addition, pet odor is a multi-layer problem. When your pets eliminate on your carpet, their urine soaks the carpet, the primary and secondary backing and can even reach the hard floor underneath. So although you may have treated the problem at the surface, the heat of the summer can reactivate those untreated spots below resulting in an unpleasant smelling home.

When the summer heat and pet odor are too much too handle, rely on the specialists at Pure Clean to restore your air quality. Our technicians use special UV lights to locate problem areas, and also check for urine that may be hiding under your carpet so that no spot goes untreated. By treating the areas with our powerful neutralizer odor & stain removal system, and then using powerful “sub-surface extraction” we can often times remove the most stubborn odors from your home, even in areas that you can’t see.

If you find yourself struggling with pet odor this season, leave the dirty work to our expert technicians. Our powerful pet odor removal service will save you time, energy and peace-of-mind.

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