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How To Keep Your Tile Clean

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Summers in Seattle, though a break from those rain storms, are some of the best months of the year!

From weekend farmers markets to time at the Mariners Games, and strolls around the beautiful, green parks, the Seattle area is the place to be during the summertime. 

But, summer isn’t always sunshine and roses. With more time spent playing outside, there seems to be more dirt, grime, and water being tracked inside.

Luckily, there are a few tips that you can take into consideration in order to keep your tile looking clean and pristine this summer in Seattle!

Catch The Dirt Before It Falls

The more that you can prevent dirt from even hitting your tile floor, the better. The best way to make that happen is to create a barrier between your floor and the dirt.

Put up your best defenses!

Your best defense, in this case, is a doormat. Doormats are meant to catch all of your dirt so that it isn’t spread throughout your home.

Do you know how doormats have that scratchy material? It’s not just to poke your bare feet. It’s so you can wipe your shoes and get off all of the dirt before you step inside and it gets tracked all over.

If you aren’t a fan of scratchy doormats, then invite people to take off their shoes right when they enter into your home. That will prevent any dirt and debris from falling on your tile floor.

Clean Regularly– Don’t Let Messes Stay Too Long

We’ve all been there. It’s 10:00 pm and you are craving that nightly snack before you jump into bed. You grab a spoon and grab the half-eaten carton of ice cream out of the fridge.

You scoop out a heaping glob of ice cream and try to shove it into your mouth before it starts falling onto the ground. Almost all of it makes it into your mouth, but a few drops fall to the tile floor.

You’re tired, it’s been a long day, and all you want to do is climb into bed now that your sweet craving has been satisfied.

You don’t think twice about it–you step over the drops of ice cream and head to bed.

Fast forward three days later and those ice cream spots have now become a dark debris magnet for every crumb, speck of dirt, and strand of hair–both yours and your sweet pups.

When you see a mess on your tile floor, save yourself the hassle in the future and clean it up right away. Your tile floor and your future self will thank you.

The longer the spots, stains, and messes stay on your tile, the more they will attract everything under the sun. The bigger the spots will become and then you will have to spend all Saturday afternoon scrubbing your tile floors instead of enjoying the fresh air.

Keep Your Floors Dry

Summer is full of lakes, the ocean, swimming pools, splash pads, sprinklers, water balloons, slip n’ slides, and more!

Simply put, summer is full of water!

And more often than not, the water that was supposed to stay outside somehow ends up scattered all over your tile floors.

Remember a few weeks ago when it was warm outside and your kids AND dog thought it would be a good idea to run through the sprinklers to cool down?

A great way to entertain them both, but instead of the water watering your lawn, most of it ended up all over the kitchen floor when they ran inside to grab popsicles.

Puddles of water now cover your tiled kitchen floor.

It may be easy to think that its only water and that it will air dry. Which is true. But, water can cause more damage and create more spots and stains.

All of the dirt that is already on the tile floor will get mixed in with the water and create an exciting, muddy mixture. Then, if you don’t dry it up, even more dirt and food particles will end up in the puddle.

Once it dries, you will have mud specks covering your tile floor and create quite the mess for you to clean up!

Keep Soaps To A Minimum

It’s easy to think that the more soap you use, the cleaner your tile floor will be.

But Surprise! It’s actually quite the opposite.

Soaps are full of chemicals that leave a thin layer of residue over your tile floor. The more soap you pile on your tile floor, the more residue will accumulate and start to build up on your floor.

The more residue that is on your floor, the easier it is for dirt to attach to it and stick! Think of your floor as a giant sticker that will trap any and all things that come even remotely close to it.

So, eliminate that sticker stuck to your kitchen tile floor by not using soaps on your weekly tile cleaning. 

Once you have finished cleaning your floor and you’re ready to sit on the couch and pick your favorite TV show to start watching, there is just one more small step you need to do in order to help your tile floor be as clean as possible.

You need to dry your floors.

Remember how we talked about how water on a tile floor can become a puddle of dirt and crumbs?

That can still be the case even if it’s clean water that you were using to get the floor sparkling clean. Grab an old towel and wipe it over the tile floor just like you did with your mop or whatever cleaning device you used to clean the floor.

Also, think of your tile floor as a mirror.  

Would you spray some cleaning solution or water on your mirror and then wait for it to air dry? No way!

Spots will cover the whole mirror if you don’t wipe it off. Why is the tile floor any different?

You don’t want the spots and stains so wipe the tile floor clean after you wipe it down with water.

Call The Experts

As much as we want to keep our tile floors looking clean and fabulous on our own, there comes a time when it takes a professional to keep our tile looking the best it can.

That is when you give PureClean a call! PureClean is here to ensure your tile is in the best shape possible.

We restore your floor’s appearance to “like new” and reduce your cleaning up to 50%! Book your cleaning with PureClean today and get your tile floors into tip-top shape!

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