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How To: Remove Pet Smells From Blankets

DIY Pet Odor Removal From Blankets

What would we do without our furry little companions!?

They are always so loving and devoted to us day in & day out…in return to this everyday, we give them everything they want or need, we baby them (including the awful baby voices & faces that we KNOW they love) & even let them get away with things that we wouldn’t necessarily let our own children get away with….most the time, I myself am definitely guilty with that one. We even go as far as trying to find them the best looking, most comfortable bed for them to relax on, nap on and (most the time) sleep on at night. Along with that also comes, blankies & toys & all sorts of cute stuff to comfort them in what we think they may like. For those of you who have a dog or cat even of your own who loves these things as well as maybe even a blanket that is not “the one” designated for them….over time, they begin to get stinky of dog odor, dander, hair, slobber & whatever else they leave behind for us. I know you’re nodding your head in agreement! Even if we can’t say no & allow them up on our beds from time to time, how do you get the stink out!? A normal washing & drying never seems to get the stink all the way out. Well, we found a good solution to help with this situation on how to remove pet smells from blankets….

MuddyPup - PureClean Carpet Cleaning Seattle

1.)  Wash your dog or cat (if possible lol) once a week with a Dry Pet Shampoo, then of course a deeper wash is needed for cases like this one here!

Arm&HammerSuperWashingSoda - PureClean Carpet Cleaning Seattle

2.)  You will need a 1/2 cup of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (not to be confused for BAKING SODA)

HydrogenPeroxide - PureClean Carpet Cleaning Seattle

3.)  You will also need, 1/4 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide

White:AppleCiderVinegar - PureClean Carpet Cleaning Seattle

4.)  Last but not least, 1/2 cup White or Apple Cider Vinegar

WasherWithLiquid - PureClean Carpet Cleaning Seattle

5.)  Next you are going to throw in the item you are trying to rid the pet smell from into the washer. Do a warm water wash cycle & add your detergent in as usual. Add in the Super Washing Soda & the Hydrogen Peroxide.  Lastly, fill up the softener compartment or dispenser with the White or Apple Cider Vinegar. If your washer does not the compartment or the dispenser, just add it in during the last rinse cycle.

6.)  Throw the blanket (or item) into the dryer with a fewer dryer sheets if desired & wait to smell the magic results!

That’s It…You Should Now Have A Fresh, Clean & Good Smelling Item For Your Furr-Baby!


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