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Why Does Carpet Look Worse After Traditional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning(Before and After)

Let’s say it’s been a quiet day in the Seattle area.  You’re listening to the rain pitter patter on your roof, as the day has been a near-constant cloud of rain.

It’s just about the time of day when your son comes home from school. It’s raining, so naturally, he’s running home from the bus stop as fast as his little legs can take him, thinking that maybe if he moves faster, he’ll get less wet somehow?

So he’s running full speed through the front door, soaking wet- brown, goopy mud trailing all the way behind him. And now your carpet is the color of chocolate pudding, rather than that nice off-white color it was just thirty seconds ago. 

So you clean it the best that you can, with your home cleaning supplies, but it’s pretty much hopeless. You decide to call your local carpet cleaners the next day, and they come within the next few days. They foam it up, charge you a couple hundred, and then they’re on their merry little way.

After a few days, waiting for your carpet drying, you notice it’s actually kind of crunchy under your feet. Almost like you’re stepping on your baby’s Gerber Baby Puff Snacks again.

Confused by the crunch, you check to see if that decrepit trail of mud stain your son brought in a bit ago, is still there.

Sure enough, though it may look a few shades lighter, you can definitely still see it there. It’s peering up at you like an evil chocolate pudding shadow monster, looming protectively over your carpet.

You’re Not Alone

The reality is, you’re not alone. The reappearance of spots and stains is a common occurrence when a carpet is cleaned using a traditional method- soaps, shampoos, and a basic rinse.

As you are now noticing, once the carpet dries, spots can reappear, and come and go as they wish. If you’re really feeling lucky, you may not notice the spots come back until after some time has passed.

Those stains you had, decided to burrow themselves deep within your carpet’s fibers! And because the carpet cleaning company used shampoos on your carpet, they couldn’t exactly remove EVERY thing you had hiding under there. What a bummer.

No- instead most of the chemical from the shampoo decided to take a spontaneous, and very extended, stay-cation with all the stains and bacteria underneath your carpet fibers. How nice of it, right?

But I thought my carpet was cleaned professionally?”… Well, I suppose maybe it was. So why did your spots come back then? For that, you can thank these two leading blunders for your carpet troubles- wicking and residue.


The first carpet villain you face is residue. And like most villains in Hollywood’s history- it was made in a lab.

In your carpet’s case, this residue villain was created from soaps and detergents.

These chemicals are often left behind in the dark alleyways of your carpet fibers, alongside the stains, hiding from ‘The Man’. Hence- residue.

Those soaps and shampoos create a sticky residue on the surface of your carpets or rugs, which then releases a loud mating call for the dirt and grime nearby, to come to join the party.

So now, not only do you have this residual crunchy carpet Mother-In-Law coming to visit you, but she decided to invite her friends- Dirt and Grime. Sounds like a great time. 

You are left with no choice- either open your home up to the new, unwelcome company or surrender and admit defeat! And you already know you can’t do the latter. Except you can and we’ll show you how in a meagerly moment.

Residue & Traffic

This residue will collect most formidable around your high traffic areas- like inside your doorways and your stairs.

That sticky residue is waiting for every pair of shoes to walk on through, capturing all the dirt and soil in its grasp, and smuggling its depth within the carpet. It acts as a little magnet pulling in as much dirt and grime that it can. 

Just as that residue is catching all of that dirt, at the same time, it is catching the dust particles swirling around the room. As they settle onto the carpet, someone will walk over it, shoving it deeper into the carpet and leaving behind a new layer of dirt and soil.

Even vacuuming the carpet cannot tear this soil or dust from residue’s grasp. They are much too deep in the fibers for spinning brushes to reach. In short, that mud stain by the front door will only reappear.

The new soil and dirt constantly coming through the door, will continue to stick to the detergent residue!

If spots and stains reappear weeks after you have cleaned your carpet, excessive soap is likely to be the blame. 

Normal carpet cleaning methods will only make it look worse.

Why Does Carpet Look Worse After Traditional Carpet Cleaning

Wicking & Carpet Cleaning

Now let us paint you a picture really quick- stay with us here. Imagine your carpet as an iceberg- the visible tips of your carpet fibers are the tip of the iceberg right?

Your carpet fibers go all the way down under the surface, to the carpet padding, i.e., the bottom of your iceberg.

With this in mind, wicking occurs when a spill, or that mud from your son, for example, is able to sink deeply and securely, into the carpet. Or the bottom of your iceberg, as it were.

Then, when the shampoo is extracted from your carpets with water, the soil/mud is so deep within the carpet fibers, it is not 100 percent removed! Therefore, after extracting, the carpet may look clean on the surface but as it dries, the residual penetrated soil wicks its way to the surface of the carpet fibers, and suddenly appears a day or two after extracting.

Does that make sense? Man, we hope so!

Basically, we aren’t lying when we say, these pesky little stains can be and ARE, a massive pain!

With these traditional carpet cleaning companies, you are essentially drowning your carpets with too much moisture; moisture that combined with soaps, can’t be 100% removed! So it sits, soaks, and dries, down there in the carpet abyss with your stain friends- hence why stains show up shortly after a traditional cleaning!

Why is PureClean the best carpet cleaning company in the Seattle area?

Remember when we mentioned your Mother-In-Law coming to visit you, but she decided to invite her friends- Dirt and Grime?

Well instead of opening up your home up to the new, unwelcome company, just go ahead and surrender! Admit defeat- kick your residual crunchy carpet out along with her friends, with the help of PureClean!

PureClean is the best carpet cleaning company in Seattle because unlike basic carpet cleaners, spots and stains are much less likely to reappear with our carpet cleaning process.

Because guess what?

We don’t use soap, detergents, or harsh chemicals. We only use Green Seal Certified products – without compromise. Not only will we give you the cleanest carpets possible, your floors will be healthier and safer.  I Promise. We use good ol’ natural water, high pressure, and high suction baby! It’s the perfect recipe to combat those stains.

Our specialized tools wont allow your stains to remain! All that dirt and grime no longer have the option to settle in the dark alleyways of your carpet. Think of PureClean as the Residue and Dirt crime fighters!

Our Deionized Water cleans and sanitizes your carpet without leaving residue behind. No residue means carpets stay cleaner longer.

Stop dealing with reoccurring carpet stains, residue villains, and their friends dirt and grime- Oh and don’t let your son sprint into the house with muddy shoes again!

Call PureClean today and experience the PureClean Difference™. Our friendly, certified healthy home specialists are here to provide a WOW experience today. We pride ourselves in being the best carpet cleaning company in the Seattle area!

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