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Rug Doctor vs. Professional Carpet Cleaner

Which is carpet cleaning solution is best for you?

1.) Rug Doctors have you use soaps, detergents & other harmful chemicals to clean your carpets with. That my friends, is the number one mistake. At the time of use, it may look as if it is working well, when in the long run, Rug Doctors are not powerful enough to extract all the unhealthy gunk it puts into your carpets, so a lot of it gets left behind. Not only in the carpet fibers, but in the padding as well. When this happens, your carpets will seem to get dirtier almost faster, which is weird right? RIGHT!! What causes this is the “unhealthy gunk” that gets left behind, such as soaps & detergents, they start acting like a magnet, they begin to attract dirt, dust, dander, oil & soil…..almost defeating the purpose of cleaning them yourself & ultimately defeating you! Professional carpet cleaners have the power, the suction & the residue free products that actually leave your carpets healthy & cleaner for twice as long!

2.) Rug Doctors only have one temperature to run at, which is as hot as your faucet gets. Some faucets have the potential to get pretty hot, but it is not hot enough! Heat is actually what activates the cleaning agents in the products in order to get them to work properly. It is carpet manufacturers recommendations to use Hot Water Steam Extraction…this means, water that has the potential to heat up to anywhere between 180-240 degrees. Cleaning agents can double in terms of effectiveness for every 18 degrees over 180 degrees (this is why carpet cleaning services can turn up their heat to 240 degrees!). When you get water this hot, it also automatically sanitizes the carpets killing off any bacteria growing that you can not detect.

3.) Going along with number 1, a Rug Doctors power gets maxed out with how small they are. I mean, they plug into an outlet on your wall…without blowing a circuit, it can only do so much….so it can not extract as much dirt as it says it can, it can not extract as much soaps & detergents it says it can & it can not extract enough water to leave you walking around your home comfortably while it dries ALL DAY.  Yes, they leave your carpets pretty wet to touch, as to where when professional carpet cleaners are finished, your carpets feel almost dry to the touch & take only 3-5 hours to dry! When your carpets seem to take all day to dry, it also does not leave you with the best smell to fill your home with either. It smells like wet, moldy, old nasty drenched carpet….that is disgusting. PureClean leaves you with a fresh, clean & healthy light scent, with the option of having non-scented as well!

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