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Spring Cleaning CheckList & Helpful Hints

Room by Room

To save you some time & a headache, start with one room at a time. This way you are only thinking about cleaning within one room, in that moment. Less stress is the way to go! Keep in mind while cleaning, 3 different piles you want to have…

  1. Storage Pile (do you need this out now?!)
  2. Donate Pile (this is my favorite pile)
  3. Throw Away Pile (good-bye old junk!)

“Dry” Rooms

There are rooms we consider “dry” rooms. Rooms such as living, dining, family, bedroom, loft, entry, hallway, etc…..Rooms with no sinks, showers or tubs. These rooms have less steps to do, but here is the best way to get these rooms deep Spring cleaned…

  1. Pick Up/Straighten (re-arrange, it’s SPRiNG!)
  2. Dust/Wipe (move things, get behind/under things, think “deep clean”)
  3. Glass & Mirrors (see that person in the reflection, great job!)
  4. Upholstery (vacuum every crevice)
  5. Light vacuum of floors (cus we are coming in to make them “like new” again!)

“Wet” Rooms

The rooms we consider “wet” rooms would be, kitchen, bathroom, mud room, laundry room, etc…Rooms that need a sink, shower or tub scrubbed. These rooms have a few more steps added in while cleaning…

  1. Pick Up/Straighten (add some Spring flowers for color!)
  2. Dust/Wipe (get on top of counters, the fronts of cupboards, etc…)
  3. Soak showers, tubs, sinks (anything with heavy build up)
  4. Glass & Mirrors (keep it up champ!)
  5. Appliances (inside & out)
  6. Sinks, counters, tubs & showers (magic erasers they are just that, MAGiC)
  7. Any upholstery (vacuum under it, in it, around it, leave no dust behind)
  8. Light wash of floors (keeping us in mind for the deep stuff)

Repairs & Updates

Here is the FUN part! Make note of any fixing your home might need that you found while doing your deep Spring cleaning. Leaky sinks, broken leg on kitchen chair, missing outlet face plates, things of this nature. Prioritize what needs to be done. Start there. All of it does not need to be done at once…just know this will be a continuing project. Next comes painting, redecorating, updating, out with the old & in with the new type stuff! Have fun with it. Changing up your living space is a breath of fresh air…..it’s Spring & the air smells so good!! 🙂

Organization & Storage

Let’s help make your home easier to live in. Have things be faster to find. Let’s get organized & neat! NO MORE CLUTTER, NO MORE MESS 🙂 Find ways to make inside cupboards, shelves & counters to be neat. Adding shelves, cupboards, baskets, etc…..it is now DiY time! Have fun. Pinterest ideas (we love Pinterest!) Also, remember those piles I told you to keep in mind? Now you get to get rid of those, whether it means buying totes to store away for when you need them next, taking it to storage, donating it at a local charity (give back) or if you are getting rid of the in-famous “junk drawer” all of us seem to have (in more drawer then one? ohh-uuhh…..it happens). Get rid of things you no longer need. Store things you only need for certain seasons or reasons. Get neat & organized now, so NEXT Spring clean is so easy…..wait, did we just say Spring cleaning can be EASY?! 🙂

Final Touches

The last thing you want to clean are your carpets, floors & area rugs. It is recommended by the carpet manufacturer & institute to have your carpets professionally cleaned (at least) once a year.  Same goes to your hard surface flooring, such as tile & grout & natural stone surfaces as well as hardwoods. All of our Healthy Home Technicians are trained & certified. We are the highest rated company on Yelp (check out our amazing reviews). We are also able to professionally clean any upholstery & mattresses you have, to get them nice & fresh for the new Spring season. If you had any troubles cleaning your showers & glass doors during your Spring Clean Conquering, give us a call too! We can make them look like new again, as well as apply a sealant to make up-keeping them yourself until next Spring season. It would also make Spring cleaning next year, SO MUCH EASIER! Yes, I said it, e-a-s-i-e-r! We are here to make your life healthier & easier! 🙂

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