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PureClean™ Carpet Cleaning’s Guide To Pumpkin Stains On The Carpet

Pumpkin Stains on the carpet

Halloween is right around the corner! Which means pumpkin stains on the carpet with all the pumpkin festivities.

Everyone at my house is busy decorating, planning costumes, and preparing treats.

Every year we go all out on Halloween, trying to outdo each other for the scariest costumes and decorations, and every year the clean up is the scariest part!

If your family loves Halloween, you probably know what I mean.

But never fear!

PureClean™ Carpet Cleaning has compiled a Guide To Pumpkin Stains On The Carpet.

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, hosting a haunted house, or even having a couple of friends over to sip wine and eat chocolate while you hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, these tips might just come in handy.

I’d recommend reading over this guide thoroughly before Halloween night so that you’ll be prepared if any of these terrifying stains occur on your watch.

Be vigilant! Most stains can be removed, but most require immediate attention in order to prevent them from overstaying their welcome.

Did you know that pumpkins can stain your carpet? Pumpkin guts, pumpkin pie, and more pumpkin-based items are not good for the floor.

The best way to get rid of these stains is to use a professional, like PureClean™.

If this happens to you, this is how you remove the stain:

  • Whether wet or dry, get as many of the solid pieces out as you can with a spoon or butter knife.
  • Get some carpet cleaning solution and spray it on the area. Leave it alone for 3-4 minutes. (A mixture of water and dish soap will work if you don’t have any carpet cleaner.
    If you go this route, get a white cloth, dip your covered fingertip in, and blot the area.)
  • Get a white cloth and use your covered fingertip to gently work the solution further into the carpet fibers.
  • As long as the white cloth continues to discolor, repeat spraying and blotting until the stain is removed. Use different areas of white cloth each time.
  • Put warm water in a bowl.
  • Get a new white cloth, dip your covered finger in the water, and blot the area. This is removed the cleaning solution from the carpet. Repeat until you feel it’s all out.
  • If the stain is out, dry with weighed-down paper towels for an hour.
    If the stain is still not removed:
  • Get some rubbing alcohol and a white cloth.
  • Dip your covered finger in the rubbing alcohol and blot the area.
  • Then blot the area with warm water as you did before.
  • Get some white vinegar and blot the area with a white cloth using the fingertip method.
  • Again, blot with warm water using a white cloth.
  • Dry with weighed-down paper towels for an hour.

Not only do carpet stains make your carpet look a bit dingy, but they are also harder to clean up the longer they sit there. 

To make your home look revitalized and clean, it is also important to remove stains from carpets.

That’s easy to say, but how do you actually do it?

Removing carpet stains is not an easy task. Usually, carpet stains are embedded into the carpet fibers and it takes a lot more than just a wet rag to get rid of that stain.

If the stain is still not removed do not hesitate to give PureClean™ Carpet Cleaning a call or schedule online. We will head right over so those scary stains don’t drive you to an early grave!

Experience The PureClean Difference™  

Another advantage of the PureClean™  cleaning process is that your carpets will stay cleaner, longer.

Other traditional carpet cleaning methods use large amounts of chemicals and don’t do their best to remove all of the chemicals from the carpet.

When the chemical residue is left in the carpet, it acts as a magnet and starts attracting dirt, dust, and grime.

This will make your carpets dirtier, faster. Luckily, PureClean does not let chemicals linger in your carpets.

Our deionized water is 13 times purer than tap water—it has no contaminants.

Because we’ve removed the contaminants & minerals from the water, it can pick up more dirt and stains from your carpet in order to get all of your stains out of your carpet.

Did you just have a baby that will be running around in the near future? Or maybe you love having pets? Maybe you simply live by yourself, but you frequently spill things?

PureGuard Helps Combat Stains

This product is DFE Certified (Designed For Environment) as a safe alternative to other toxic products. 

Everything used in this product is 100% safe for kids, pets & people with sensitivities.

PureGuard is an all-natural stain repellent & durable water repellent applied to fabric, furniture & carpets to protect them from stains.

Your carpeting originally comes from the manufacturer with a protectant applied, but over time this protectant gets worn off.

We give you the option to protect your investment & re-apply the protectant, which doubles the life of your carpet. 

The best part is, PureGuard will not change the look, feel or breathability of your carpets, upholstery or anything else we may apply it too.

Why is PureClean™ the best carpet cleaning company in the Seattle area?

We here at PureClean are your specialists to remove any carpet stains that you encounter.

When choosing a carpet company, be sure to choose a company that will provide you with excellent service and an excellent price! 

PURECLEAN™ Carpet Cleaning does both of those things. 

We make sure that we do the job right the first time. You can count on us with your carpet cleaning needs. 

PureClean™ Carpet Cleaning services all over the surrounding Seattle areas

Give us a call and see if we are in your city!

No more searching Google for carpet cleaning tricks. 

Next time, just Google PURECLEAN™  we service over 34 areas all over the Seattle area. 

We will get the job done leaving you with a cleaner healthier home.

Experience the PureClean Difference™ and we will take care of those SPOOKY Stains, give us a CALL 206-353-4155.

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