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Blue Friday Bash With The Puget Sound Business Journal & PureClean

We are proud to announce that PureClean Carpet Cleaning got recognized & rewarded as one of the top 100 fastest growing, privately owned companies here in the Pacific Northwest!

Puget Sound Business Journal Award

Puget Sound Business Journal Award

You know how much of an honor that is? In the ENTIRE state of Washington, out of THOUSANDS of companies we were lucky to be seen, but also worked very hard to earn our spot in the top 100! #PSBJFG

We know that without all of you out there pushing us to be our very best every single day, we would not be where we are today. I know that seems to get said a lot by people, but it is in fact 100% true. Without all the positives as well as the negatives, PureClean would not be PureClean. There has literally been blood, sweat & tears poured into this company at certain times, whether it be good, bad, happy or sad….but it all is important to who we are as a company. For us to make it on the list at #66, that is HUGE! I know we were shooting for at least top 50, but hey, that gives us goals & motivation for something to work towards next year, right!? Just when we think we have accomplished so much as a company already, we get surprised by this amazing event put on every year as just another accomplishment to add to the list & keep adding to the list every single year. There are companies who have been on that list for the last 10 years straight! What a great feeling it must be as a privately owned company to know that for the last 10 years, you have been one of the top 100 fastest growing companies list…you know how hard that may be? Whether it is or if it isn’t, we are up for that challenge!! We know that with all of you raving fans, along with all the referrals you give to friends & family getting them to try us out to show them what the most thorough carpet cleaning ever looks like, that we can most definitely make that happen year after year after year.

**Cheers to next year!**

Puget Sound Business Journal invited us to their yearly party last Friday the 21st at CenturyLink Field, Blue Friday Bash, to help them & the other 99 companies celebrate with good food, company, drinks, family & friends. We wanted to share some of that experience with you & also thank you for allowing us to be one of the best. Don’t forget to pick up your special edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal that has the entire list of all 100 companies, plus more information on each one individually. They also highlight the top 2 companies, who they are, what they do & how they do it! 



If you’d like information on reprints, web permissions or commemorative plaques, call 206-876-5417

 **Information was obtained from firm representatives and was supplied by individual companies through questionnaires. Only companies that are globally headquartered in Washington and recorded  revenue of at least $500,000 in 2013 could qualify for the list. Companies must operate as an independent, privately held corporation, proprietorship or partnership (not a subsidiary or division of another company.) CEOs & CFOs personally vouched in writing for 2013, 2014 & 2015 company revenue. In some cases accountants or auditors were contacted to further verify revenue. Not all information could be independently verified by the Puget Sound Business Journal. . Only those that responded to our inquiries and confirmed in writing revenue were listed. In case of ties, companies are listed alphabetically.
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