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The #1 Commercial Floor Cleaning Services In Seattle

As you may know, keeping your commercial floor cleaned is a tough ordeal here in Seattle. While there are more than a few great commercial floor cleaning services in Seattle, there is only one place that does it like we do!

PureClean is the option for those searching for the #1 commercial floor Cleaning Services in Seattle!

We’ve been servicing the area of Seattle , Edmonds, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville, Snohomish for 19 years- we were raised in the area, we know the area, we know the people (we love the people), and we certainly know how to clean for the area!

Between the Seattle rain, cold, and, wet weather (most of the year) comes certain expertise in the commercial floor cleaning industry.

Our Seattle warehouse floor cleaning service is designed to treat your commercial floors right!

Our special Deionized water is a PureClean Seattle original, and can only be used with our process! And that’s what makes out warehouse floor cleaning superior and long lasting!

What Makes PureClean Carpet Cleaning Different?

Our trucks provide up to twice as much heat and five times more suction than the cleaning trucks frequently used by our competitors.

Our trucks have powerful motors and custom-fit systems, designed specifically for our unique cleaning solutions which leave your carpets not only clean, but sanitized and almost dry.

The more heat and suction power that is used during a cleaning- the more thorough and long-lasting the results will be.

Our mission is to give each and every customer the most outstanding experience they’ve ever had while also giving them the absolute healthiest home they’ve ever had.

Ben Surdi, the founder of PureClean™ is a second generation healthy home expert dedicated to building and maintaining a world class organization.

That’s why each healthy home technician goes through a rigorous 52-week training program with ongoing training on chemistry, customer service, proper equipment usage and more.

Our services remove the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria on the floors. It Restores your commercial floors to a like-new appearance.

Floors Stay Cleaner Longer & Dry Faster

With PureClean, your commercial floors will stay cleaner longer!

Most traditional commercial floor cleaners use shampoos, soaps, and massive amounts of water that never dry fast enough!

And more often than not, the cleaning machinery is not capable of suctioning up all of that extra water and soap that’s typically left behind.

Which means your warehouse floors will take forever to dry!

It may be easy to think, “Its only water, and that it will air dry and all will be great.” However, when the water mixture eventually dries, it dries with all those chemicals and dirt within it.

This then creates a slightly sticky and slick feeling. And then what happens?

All of those particles typically found in a warehouse (dirt, dust, sawdust, oil, etc.) will then attach to that sticky floor, causing it to become dirtier- faster.

Whereas PureClean starts by quickly power-washing the area with Deionized Water, and just as quickly suctioning it right back up with all those warehouse dirts and soils. 

There’s hardly any water left on your flooring to worry about, and certainly, no soaps or chemicals left behind to create a sticky warehouse floor.

The key to clean tile or warehouse floors is drying quickly, without using soaps or chemicals!

Deionized Water

We are the only company in the Seattle area using Deionized water, that actually lifts and removes dirt, germs, bacteria, and the soaps and chemicals left behind by previous carpet cleaning companies from the fibers of your carpeting.

Deionized Water is applied to the warehouse floors at a high-pressure, which allows for the loosening of caked dirt and oils.

It simultaneously cleans the flooring by eliminating a wide range of germs, pathogens and bacteria.

The dampened dirt and grime are suctioned up and removed, leaving just the smallest trace of water on the floor’s surface which dries quickly and without any residue!

Simply call in and talk with one of our many knowledgeable specialists over the phone. 

PureClean is the #1 commercial floor cleaning service in the seattle area. Call us at 206-353-4155 to learn more about commercial floor cleaning.

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