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Just like all of our other services, we aim for absolute perfection when it comes to disinfection and protection against bacteria, viruses and other contaminants that may pose a threat to your home or business.

CORONAVIRUS – How to protect yourself and ensure you have safe and effective services to combat the virus from spreading. 


This virus seems to be spreading quickly and environmental risks are mainly focused on high traffic touch points. These viruses are spread by close contact with body fluids, sneezing, or intimate contact/touching your soft tissues with dirty hands. The main issue is that as soon as you are done disinfecting surfaces, an asymptomatic person shedding the virus can recontaminate those touch points; this is why applying a surface shield to the surfaces is crucial.  If you have bacteria barrier to the surfaces, you gain control and community immunity is built. You just hope people do build immunity or a vaccine becomes available.


Professional disinfection will include a very thorough protocol using very specialty solutions.

The protocol that is used is as follows: 

1.     We will be setting up hydroxyl units in the building. Hydroxyl units have been confirmed to be 99.99% effective against the virus. Due to the virus being airborne this is an important step and is being left out by many companies that claim to be providing this type of service. 

2.     A crew with appropriate personal protection equipment will come onto the job site to begin the touch point biofilm removal. Using a registered epa product a cleaning is conducted to remove this bio-film. 

3.     Next, we will be applying an EPA registered disinfectant with an electrostatic spraying system that is confirmed to combat and denature the virus as well as many other strains of bacteria and viruses. 

4.     An optional ATP bacteria test is conducted on multiple areas of the building to ensure that we are reaching a 100% kill count before the next step.   

5.     Once this is complete, the bacterial shield is applied to those surfaces. This provides 30 days of protection to those surfaces and is also applied with electrostatic spraying system so that we cover the whole building. 

6.     If carpets are suspect to be carrying a bio-load of soil then carpet cleaning is optional to add in as well. 

Cost is based on the layout and content in the building. Due to the need of cleaning and disinfecting every touch point, different buildings will have variables.


PureClean’s exclusive virus barrier has been tested on many surfaces against numerous pathogens, viruses and bacterias and we have the technology to destroy all of them INCLUDING CoronaVirus. From fungi, algae, and molds to bacteria and viruses, PureClean has you covered.


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