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Benefits Of A Commercial Carpet Cleaning At Work

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The average American will spend over 35% of their life at work over the course of their life. You heard me right!

Simply put, we all spend a lot of time at our jobs! 
We try to keep our homes clean and free of clutter, but with all the time spent at work do we know the benefits of a clean work space?

Think about it for a second, if you will. We have Sarah and Phoebe here, both have jobs in offices in Seattle each of their office spaces tend to be in different conditions. 

Sarah has an office that is seemingly spotless. Every post-it note is in its proper space, every perfectly placed. She even takes the garbage in her office out every night!

Phoebe, on the other hand, has a bit of a different story. There are stacks of papers on her desk and floor you trip walking in or out.

Her garbage is overflowing and there is a bit of a smell of leftover Chinese from her garbage when you walk into her office.

She has coffee cups, books, sweaters, and who knows what else scattered around her office! Yikes.

Sarah and Phoebe both work at the same company and have similar responsibilities.

But, there seems to be quite a difference in their overall work productivity. 

A lot of that could be due to the cleanliness of their offices.

Sarah is taking advantage of a clean work area, but Phoebe seems to be suffering due to the consequences of having an office space that could use some organization and cleanliness.

Improved Health

Germs are like that pesky fly in your home that just won’t go away. Everywhere you are and everywhere you go, you are surrounded by germs. 

Office spaces are full of germs. With Sarah keeping an office clean, she rarely misses work due to sickness and even has the energy to go on a quick walk around the building during her lunch break. 

Phoebe seems to always be coming down with something, and she tends to take a few more sick days than most people.

The cleanliness levels of their offices might have something to do with these differences. 

With different people coming in and out and the germs piling up, the rainy dreary Seattle weather, you need to keep your office space clean and in order to stay healthy.

Sitting in a confined space with numerous people for a large part of the day, that has excessive amounts of germs rolling around definitely won’t do anything for your health. 

This is why you should take advantage of a clean office and keep your office neat!

Keep your space clean and free of clutter so that you can feel your best and so then you can perform your best. 

Professional Appearance

A clean space portrays professionalism.  

Have you ever found out that you were having company over within the hour and started a mad dash around your home to make sure your home is as clean as possible? 

Throw the dishes in the dishwasher, shove your clothes in your closet, and run the vacuum over the carpet at least a few times so that the vacuum lines are visible in the carpet. 

Yes, you want to have a clean home when people come over, but you also probably want the people coming over to think that you have your life together.

Cleanliness just seems to give off that vibe. 

When things look clean, they give off the vibe of professionalism.

Do you want people to walk into your office and see a tidy space and think, “Wow This person has got it all together. I trust them to take care of me.” 

Or do you want someone to walk into your office space, see papers piled on top of each other, a trash can full of Chinese take out, and coffee mugs scattered throughout?

When they see this, they will most likely assume that you and your brain are just as scattered as the ten coffee mugs that are placed in just about every nook and cranny in your office.  

Even if Sarah doesn’t have it all together, her office sure makes it seem like she does!

Increased Productivity

Phoebe spends more time looking through her piles of papers then she spends on actually working on them.

Dirty and disorganized offices put a giant pause on the productivity in your space.

When you are trying to sort through papers that are hidden under your lunch from two days ago, you end up taking way too much time looking and not enough time actually working on your project. 

Sarah has her papers filed away and knows where to access each of them.

She is able to save time during the day because she doesn’t have to search through every inch of her office looking for a specific item.

Reduces Stress

Imagine the feelings and emotions you feel when you walk into your home right after it had a good cleaning. You can smell the cleanliness and feel the calmness. 

With all of the deadlines, reports, and other duties that are placed on your shoulders, you owe it to yourself to reduce your stress in some way.

The way that Sarah feels in her office is as if she has a waterfall nearby and a bird lightly chirping in the background. She is really feeling that zen. 

In Phoebe’s office, she is feeling everything but zen. Her stress levels are through the roof!

When you keep your office space clean, you can ease some of the stress you feel on a daily basis and have more energy to put into the task at hand. 

We spend a lot of our time in the office so we might as well create office spaces that are clean and organized.  

The advantages of a clean work area speak for themselves.

We Use A Cleaning Solution No One Can Compete With


Unlike other commercial carpet cleaning companies in Seattle, Edmonds or Kirkland, we do not rely on soaps and chemicals to clean your carpets (which can cause ‘crunchy carpeting’).

Instead, we use special deionized water that actually lifts and removes dirt, germs, bacteria, and the soaps and chemicals left behind by previous carpet cleaning companies from the fibers of your carpeting.

This means that when we are done, your carpets are not only cleaner than ever before, they are actually healthier.

Our cleaning solution is the perfect option for any environmentally-conscious or health-sensitive family.

Take advantage of PureClean™ commercial office floor cleaning services.

PureClean™ can help you keep your office in good condition and help you create a space where you feel healthier, calmer, and more productive. 

We are willing to work after hours just so you don’t have to worry about trying to work around our technicians.

We can come in and clean your office at night, and or after hours and have it ready to go by the next day! 


It is our goal to provide you with affordable solutions to maintaining the floor coverings at your place of business.

We pride ourselves on being the best commercial carpet cleaning company in Seattle!

Give PureClean™ a call today to take advantages of a clean work area, and get your carpet, tile, and upholstery in your commercial office cleaned in order to take advantage of a clean work area where you are able to work productively and calmly.

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