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Methods of Deep Carpet Cleaning

Methods of Deep Carpet Cleaning

If your carpeting has an unpleasant odor or is matted and discolored, it’s time for a deep clean. Local deep carpet cleaning company use professional-grade equipment that eliminates pet stains and ground-in dirt. Before you start, test the colorfastness of your carpets in a hidden spot. Pretesting helps prevent permanent damage caused by over-wetting, improperly mixed chemicals or haphazard spot removal.


Vacuuming carpets and rugs at least once a week keeps dirt from settling deeply into fibers. Using a cleaner with a rotating brush bar helps agitate dirt particles so that they can be trapped by the vacuum. Replace or empty vacuum bags when they’re two-thirds full to improve suction.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Baking Soda

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate of soda, is a cheap, versatile and effective natural cleaning product. It has the power to zap bad smells, whiten teeth and change pH balances. Its cleaning powers come from its ability to react with acids and bases, changing their ph level. This is why it deodorizes fridges, neutralizes excess stomach acid and helps relieve indigestion.

Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda over carpet to pre-treat spots and remove dirt and dust particles from the fibers. Then vacuum the carpet to lift loose soil.

Sprinkle a one-to-one mixture of baking soda and salt (table or Kosher) over carpet in high traffic areas. Use a spray bottle to moisten the mixture. Let it sit for an hour and then brush or vacuum it. This combination is a great way to get rid of perspiration stains and eliminate odors from shoes and gym bags. To test how fresh your baking soda is, place a teaspoon in a glass of vinegar. If it bubbles vigorously, it is still active.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is a powerful method of deep cleaning carpets. It can remove all the dirt, debris and stains that have built up over time. It can also clean dirt, mildew and germs that are embedded in the fibers of the carpet.

This method uses a combination of hot water and cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the fabric. It does not use harsh detergents, so it is safer for the environment and for people with allergies. It also does not leave any residue. It is the best way to keep your carpets free of allergens and bacteria while restoring their appearance.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Many people mistakenly believe that steam cleaning and hot water extraction are the same thing. However, the two processes are completely different. To make steam, water has to be heated above boiling temperature. This can actually set in some stains. A professional carpet cleaner will use a pre-spray that softens the stains before using the hot water to loosen them.


Regular vacuuming keeps surface dirt off carpets, but deep cleaning washes the fibers, removes odors and brightens colors. Keeping up with this kind of maintenance extends carpet life and reduces stains. Frequent spot cleaning and proper drying are also vital for the health of your carpet.

When you hire a carpet cleaner, make sure that they provide references and an in-home inspection, and use professional equipment. Those discount pros who spray soap on your carpets and suck up the water leave behind a residue that attracts dirt, making your carpets look worse. Homeowners can help speed up the drying process by running fans and opening windows, and by placing towels over wet spots.

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