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Consequences of Not Cleaning Carpets

Consequences of Not Cleaning Carpets

Carpets trap and collect dirt, oily residue, allergens, fungus and other pollutants. Over time this can cause discoloration and even affect the texture of your carpets. Dirty carpets can harbor unwanted odors, making you and your family sick. Cleaning carpets regularly will help prevent these issues and keep you healthy.

1. Dirty Carpets Are Unattractive

Dirty carpets are more than just unsightly, they can actually be dangerous. They are a trap for harmful germs and bacteria. Dirty carpets are also a magnet for dust, pollen and other allergens that can trigger asthma and hay fever symptoms.

Every time you step on a dirty carpet, you are transferring all of that dirt and bacteria to your shoes and then onto other surfaces in your home. This can be especially problematic for babies and toddlers, whose immune systems are still developing.

Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning Carpets

Dirty carpets are also a breeding ground for dust mites, which cause allergies such as itchy skin, stuffy or runny noses, rashes inside the nasal passages and sneezing. They can also contribute to asthma flare-ups, as they feed on dead skin cells, dander from pets and spilled food crumbs. This is a particularly big problem for people who suffer from hay fever and/or asthma, but even those without such conditions can experience itchy eyes, a stuffy or runny nose and sneezing when their carpets are unclean.

2. Dirty Carpets Are Unhealthy

A carpet can hold 200,000 bacteria per square inch. That’s 4,000 times more germs than your toilet seat! These nasty microbes can cause a variety of health problems from stomach infections to allergies and even skin diseases. Babies are particularly at risk of becoming ill from dirty carpets, as their developing immune systems can be overwhelmed by the build-up of harmful substances.

Dirty carpets can also attract dust mites, which feed on dead skin flakes and contribute to asthma and other respiratory issues. Vacuuming helps, but your carpets need to be professionally cleaned at least once every year to get rid of the accumulated dirt and allergens.

Every day oily residue from your shoes and the feces of pets and kids (if you have them) grind into your carpets and stick to the fibers, where they become embedded. If you don’t arrange professional carpet cleaning, that grimy build-up will be left to grow and contaminate the rest of your home.

3. Dirty Carpets Are Stressful

Having dirty carpets not only negatively impacts your physical health and the comfort of your home but it can also cause mental stress. Dealing with allergies or a lingering flea infestation on a daily basis is stressful enough without adding the worry of poor indoor air quality.

Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning Carpets

Everything from dead skin cells to pet dander gets caught up in your carpets and over time can contribute to poor indoor air quality. When this organic matter breaks down it creates a perfect habitat for harmful germs and organisms to thrive.

4. Dirty Carpets Are Dirty

Dirty carpets house things like fungus (that causes athlete’s foot), mildew and mold. These can all cause respiratory illness if inhaled, and some can cause skin irritations such as itching and burning.

People who live with allergies are especially affected by filthy carpets because they harbor dust mites, fleas and other unwanted critters. These critters feed on the natural debris that settles on and in carpets—things like food particles, dead skin cells, pet dander and insect feces.

Beyond these pests, dirty carpets also breed bacteria such as norovirus (which causes symptoms similar to those of the stomach flu). Carpet cleaning regularly prevents the spread of this and other harmful microorganisms. It also helps keep your family healthy and free of stress, which has been shown to produce physical symptoms and a weakened immune system.

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