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Is Green Carpet Cleaning As Good As Chemical Carpet Cleaning?

blog-img5-240x190If the result of  your carpet, upholstery, rugs or tile cleaning were the same, no one would ever say “please use chemicals”, right?However, there is a common misconception that “green cleaning” is somehow not as effective as traditional chemicals.

The ability to achieve very good results for cleaning doesn’t simply come down to the cleaning products alone.

In the carpet cleaning industry, it comes down to the type of equipment you have, the compatibility of your products with your cleaning process and how experienced you are in knowing how to use your systems and products to achieve the best results.

Here is how green cleaning is safer and more effective than chemical steam cleaners.


Traditional vs. PureClean

Powerful chemicals may seem like they clean and perfume carpets, but they have one major drawback: they leave behind soap residues. Since carpets cannot be completely removed and washed in a washing machine like your clothing, the detergent and chemicals that are used are unable to be completely removed from the carpet. Not even ultra powerful machines can remove all shampoo particles from carpets.

In the PURECLEAN™ system, ION-EXCHANGED water replaces the chemicals steam cleaners use. Rather than leaving behind residues, our ION-EXCHANGED removes over 95% of soils without soaps. That leaves your carpet soft, allowing it to stay cleaner for longer.


Chemicals and Odor Removal

When you smell the shampoo residue after a chemical carpet cleaning, you are breathing artificial perfumes that mask odors still lingering in your carpets and rugs. It may smell clean from the chemicals steam cleaners leave behind, but odors from pet or child accidents will return as soon as the perfumes wear off.

At PURECLEAN™ we use food-grade enzymes derived from fruits & plants to eliminate the most powerful odors. Rather than covering up the smells, these enzymes actually get into the source of the odor and remove them from your rugs.

This method of soil removal is the only way to get rid of the smells. It’s simply better science than the cover-up system chemical cleaners offer.


Carpet Cleaning Technologies

Because of cost, most carpet cleaning companies will purchase inexpensive equipment to provide services to their customers. At PURECLEAN we know that there are a few very important things that will contribute to the best overall cleaning results for our customers.

Heat: Most carpet cleaning companies rely heavily on the chemicals to do the cleaning and use lower powered machines. At PURECLEAN™ our machines produce 250’F of cleaning water which means that we’re able to outclean our competition without using the chemicals to achieve. But, our machines cost around 120K each which makes them unaffordable for most companies.

Suction: The more suction that you can deliver to your cleaning wand, the more water you can use to flush out the carpet of the soils, residues, dirt and bacteria WITHOUT over wetting the carpets. This is key… If you were to use 600psi to clean carpets with a small machine like our competitors use, you would wind up leaving the carpets wet for days and pushing the soil into the backing of the carpet.

In conclusion, green carpet & rug cleaning done the right way will save you money, improve your health and make your carpets last longer.

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